Metochlopramide Orally Disintegrating Tablet Formulation using Co-Processed Excipient of Solid Tapai Extract and Corn Starch

Abstract: Orally disintegrating tablets were developed to solve the difficulty of swallowing
the conventional tablet in pediatrics and geriatrics patients. In administration of orally
disintegrating tablets, tablets are placed on the tongue in oral cavity and it disintegrated less
than 60 second. Since Solid Tapai Extract (STE) is slightly soluble when it puts on the
tounge and has sweet taste, it has potential as a natural excipient in orally disintegrating
tablets formulation. The objective of the study was to make co-processed from solid tapai
extract and corn starch as excipient in the formulation of metochlopramide orally
disintegrating tablets. Co-oprocessed Solid tapai extract and corn starch was designed using
simplex lattice design with two component. The best co-processed was F-4 and used as
excipient for orally disintegrating tablet that’s made by sublimation method with direct
compressed. There were six formulations that contained camphor with different
concentration: FS-1(0%), FS-2(2%), FS-3(4%), FS-4(6%), FS-5(8%) and FS-6(10%). As the
result show that the more percentage of camphor was used, the wetting time, disintegrating
time and dissolution rate became faster. The best formula metochlopramide ODT with
sublimation method was FS-4 that contained camphor 6%.


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Author(s) Samran - Personal Name
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Subject(s) metochlopramide HCL, co-processed, direct compress
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Language Indonesia
Publisher International Journal of PharmTech Research
Publishing Year 2015
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Collation 1
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. (2015).Metochlopramide Orally Disintegrating Tablet Formulation using Co-Processed Excipient of Solid Tapai Extract and Corn Starch.(Electronic Thesis or Dissertation). Retrieved from https://localhost/etd


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